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Vision and Acquisition (Published 1976)

Simulated Human Vision..... Ian Overington

Location: Eastbourne. UK
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8.1 Visual lobe concepts
8.2 Single glimpse probability
8.3 Cumulative search probability
8.4 Practical applications


There is an increasing tendency in this age for us to need to use our eyes to view
other than directly. By this is implied the very considerable employment
nowadays of visual aids* of one form or another (binoculars, telescopes,
microscopes etc.), and of such media as photography, television and image tubes.
With all these devices it is rare that the image produced, and viewed as an object
stimulus by the eyes, is perfect. In addition, particularly with certain forms of
binocular optical aid, there can be problems at the man / aid interface. The
purpose of this chapter is to draw attention to the differences between naked
eye (or direct) vision and the various forms of indirect vision. The reader will be
introduced to concepts and directed to other parts of this book and other
literature for fuller study.

*Visual aids are here defined as optical transmission systems which present an aerial image
to the eye.

9.1 Vision through visual aids
9.2 Viewing of diffuse secondary images
9.3 Conclusions