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Textile Drape and Body Scanning.pdf (1.0MB) by I. Overington. (12 pages) 2005
A discussion paper (with examples) considering the possible usage of SHV for determination of high resolution, two-dimensional stereo depth maps for natural hang of textiles and the 3D distributions of shape of human body parts from stereo pairs of images using very simple, inexpensive equipment.

Fingerprint Analysis.pdf (556KB) by I. Overington. (7 pages) 2005
A short investigation into the possibilities of high resolution matching & comparison of fingerprints using SHV. It is shown that the typical outputs from an SHV process contain very high resolution data on local edge position & orientation which can be used readily for generation of local edge curvature maps and for very simple automatic matching of best mean orientation and best mean 2D position for comparison of a pair of fingerprints.

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