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Some widely held misconceptions about Human Vision.pdf (223KB). by I. Overington & M.S. Overington. (4 pages) - 2003
A discussion paper attempting to highlight several long time misconceptions concerning human vision, which were still perpetuated in Image Processing literature as recently as 2002 and to document what can actually be achieved. Also presents a demonstration of how some of the striking realities have been simulated by modern computers.

Canny_&_SHV_comparison.pdf (886KB). by I. Overington. (22 pages)
An assessment of the Edge Detection & Region Segmentation facilities as currently (
circa 2003) offered within the Image Processing package of MathCAD and those which are offered by SHV. Several striking improvements are demonstrated.

WestUSA_SSTL.pdf (2.33MB). 'A short summary of a preliminary exploration of satellite images of western USA provided by SSTL in December 2003 using the OEA Computer Vision software suite' [now SHV] by I. Overington. (9 pages)
What is believed to be a powerful demonstration of what can potentially be extracted objectively by SHV from 32 metre resolution images of huge swathes of the earth (approx. 600 x 600 Km) from an altitude of around 600 Km. Also a powerful indication of an ability to compare relative distortions of sets of multispectral images objectively and to provide automatic best whole frame fusion adjustment data.

Fusion01.pdf (416KB). by I. Overington. (6 pages)
A step by step demonstration of progressive, automatic correction of a major whole frame mismatch of between 150 & 200 pixels on a stereo pair of high resolution images (2400 x 1800 pixels) of a rural scene. It is demonstrated that a best whole frame fusion in the presence of substantial local stereo effects is achievable in no more than three very simple steps utilising sub-pixel paired frame local differencing techniques.


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