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Publications (cont.)

Practical Applications.

Over the past few years the Computer Vision software which is now available under the title SHV (Simulated Human Vision) has been applied experimentally to several and diverse image analyses. Because the recent development activities have been largely unfunded, only limited reporting of an 'open' nature has been carried out. Nevertheless, a small number of reports which have been produced are available for downloading on request to Ian Overington (as PDF's). Together these are believed to provide at least some indication of the potential of the software for practical, as opposed to research interest, applications.

OEA_IFAI_2001.pdf (665KB). 'Non-contact strain & deformation assessment in yarns, ropes & fabrics' by J.W.S. Hearle, I. Overington & M.S. Overington. (12 pages).
Describes the original 1D optical extensometer analyser concept as developed around the SHV heart software, specific practical application to yarn & rope testing and some typical extension applications to 2D & 3D testing. [Paper presented at IFAI 2001 Conference and won the 'Best Paper' award.]

S-I-Analysis_1.pdf (589KB). 'Some first attempts at feature extraction from 32 metre resolution satellite images' by I. Overington. (21 pages).
Discusses & demonstrates several possibilities for feature extraction from 32 metre resolution satellite images by making use of sub-pixel capabilities of SHV.


Short summaries of the important reports are as follow:-

Copies of individual PDFs may be viewed / downloaded, if required.

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