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Simulated Human Vision..... Ian Overington

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Summary Contents of ‘Computer Vision ...’
1. Introduction.
2. Physiological Background.
3. Some General Concepts.
4. Combined First and Second Difference Edge Sensing.
5. Fragmentary Flow Sensing.
6. Edge Detection and Local Motion Sensing in the Presence of Random Noise.
7. Image Sharpness.
8. Image Preprocessing.
9. General Flow Field Analysis.
10. Stereo.
11. Multiple Scale Analysis.
12. Local Contour Analysis.
13. Absolute Motion and Stereo Disparity of Corners and Similar Features.
14. Colour.
15. Edge-based Region Analysis.
16. Differential Texture Analysis.
17. Practical Aspects and Applications.
18. Whither Now?

The Preface and a full & detailed Contents List with Introductions of individual Chapters are available for on site viewing. These can be viewed by clicking hyperlinks as appropriate. Individual Chapters are also available to view / download, if required ( as separate PDF’s).


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