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'Computer Vision, a unified, biologically-inspired approach'.

'Computer Vision, a unified, biologically-inspired approach' (I. Overington, 1992, Elsevier North Holland) is Ian Overington's second text book. This covers stage by stage development of a computer simulation of early stages of human vision following on from experience & knowledge gained during the studies of multiparametric visual threshold modelling. It gradually builds from first concepts developed from the understanding of human visual physiology & neuro-physiology to a widely versatile, unified computer simulation. This can handle local edge detection, local motion, local stereo disparity & local chromaticity differences in terms of
sub-pixel vectors at single pixel level. Then, from these, it is demonstrated how local form, global motion or stereo mismatch & a variety of texture disruptions can be handled with great simplicity. Additionally it is shown to be possible to achieve very critical region segmentation based on the edge fragments sensed, rather than the more conventional approach based on 'seeding' and region growing. Furthermore, such region segmentation is carried out during the edge sensing process.

As an introduction to the contents of the book, a summary of the Chapter main headings is presented on the following page.


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