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Simulated Human Vision..... Ian Overington

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Vision and Acquisition.

This text book covers a wide range of topics which impinge on the subject of thresholds of perception by human vision. Topics surveyed include some basic visual physiology, temporal variations & uncertainties, practical laboratory threshold trends (for both pure detection & recognition), historical attempts at mathematical modelling of threshold trends, a new (in 1976) embryo model aimed at combining various limited models, rudimentary visual search, mathematical description & modelling of image sharpness, some influences of image structure & background structure on thresholds, properties of intervening atmosphere for distant viewing and comparisons between laboratory & field thresholds. A very substantial, largely segregated bibliography (in total amounting to over 300 references) is also included.

Chapter main headings are as follows:
1. The Basic Problem of Acquisition.
2. Some Properties of the Human Visual System.
3. Observer Variability.
4. Basic Thresholds for Detection.
5. Recognition Thresholds.
6. Modelling of Vision. 1: A Historical Survey.
7. Modelling of Vision. 2: A Versatile Physically-Based Model.
8. Rudimentary Search Modelling.
9. General Considerations of Indirect Imagery.
10. Assessment of Image Quality.
11. Variations of Structure and Texture.
12. Structured Targets.
13. Background Structure.
14. Surface Reflectivity.
15. Atmospheric Attenuation.
16. Atmospheric Turbulence.
17. Field Thresholds.

The Sleeve Notes, Preface & a full Contents List with individual Chapter Introductions are available for on site viewing, as also is a summary of the Bibliography. These can be viewed by clicking appropriate hyperlinks. Full Chapters and the full Bibliography may also be viewed / downloaded, if required (each Chapter & the Bibliography as separate PDFs).


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