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3D Textile Drape Mapping and Body Scanning.

Another practical field of image analysis for which SHV has considerable potential is under the general heading of determination of two-dimensional maps of stereo depth distribution from stereo pairs of images.

In recent years there has been a growing interest in the possibilities of determining the way in which typical textiles hang when draped, on the one hand, and in determining the accurate 3D shape of parts of individual human bodies on the other hand. For the latter interest, a small number of very sophisticated & expensive equipments have been developed.

It has been shown that SHV is potentially capable of providing very cheap & simple means of carrying out both the foregoing tasks, but no commercial support has thus far been forthcoming to pursue the potential beyond a very short study. The results of the short preliminary study have been written up as a PDF report entitled “Textile Drape and Body Scanning.pdf”, copies of which can be made available on request.