Practical Fields of Application

SHV Details

Simulated Human Vision..... Ian Overington

Location: Eastbourne. UK
ianoverington@simulatedvision.co.uk ............ www.simulatedvision.co.uk

SHV Details (cont.)

The main outputs from COMVIS are a set of three data files: -

one provides local details of edge fragments - sub-pixel position, orientation, edge contrast, edge sharpness & association with adjoining regions (if a genuine edge) or appropriate labelling if the fragment is a 'grown' point generated to achieve region closure.

a second provides an image mapping of region labels, pixel by pixel, with all local edge pixels labelled as such.

a third provides, for each segmented region, a set of simple statistics for that region. It has been intended for some time to introduce additional local analysis within COMVIS which could extend this data file to include secondary statistics of each region (such as basic simple shape, mean modulation of brightness etc.), but this is yet to start.