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Simulated Human Vision..... Ian Overington

Location: Eastbourne. UK
ianoverington@simulatedvision.co.uk ............ www.simulatedvision.co.uk

About SHV (cont.)

Additionally available on request (as PDFs) are electronic versions of a wide range of literature related to both the background to the actual studies of human visual function which led to the development of SHV and a variety of examples of the practical capabilities of the package. Amongst other things, this literature includes the entire contents of the two substantial textbooks previously referred to. 'Vision and Acquisition' contains a wide ranging survey of the practical interactions of human vision with its environment, while 'Computer Vision, a unified, biologically-inspired approach' covers the theory & practice behind SHV itself. Individual chapters of these two books are available on request as separate PDF's.

A free trial version of the unified computer vision software is available for download from this site. A CD containing a full version of the software packaged under the title SHV (Simulated Human Vision) is available on request to Ian Overington. Besides the main vision simulation, the packages include a versatile image preprocessor which can be used either with the main vision software or as a stand-alone image processor. This supplementary processor has several facilities not often found in conventional image processors. Also included are a suite of support programs which provide means of gaining access to the tabulated data outputs and carrying out simple operations on them (such as providing tabular print outs of edge fragment data, plotting sub-pixel edge maps and creating 'cartoon' reconstructions of segmented images). The package includes a basic installation manual which, as well as giving details of how to use the software, should also provide a broad insight into the potential & capabilities of the full version of SHV.

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