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Simulated Human Vision..... Ian Overington

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The early studies (up to around 1975) were largely reported in the book ‘Vision and Acquisition’ published in 1976. The said book also served to present a summarised statement of a wide variety of supplementary subject matter, including then known data relating to the structure of the human eye, then existing mathematical models of visual performance, methods of measuring optical image quality and optical sight performance (including a new objective measure of relative visual image sharpness “visual efficiency”) and modelling of both the attenuation characteristics & turbulence of the atmosphere amongst other things. The book also provided a copious set of literature references (some 300) covering the wide range of subjects explored in the book.

Subsequent studies leading to the complete multiparametric threshold performance model were collected in a substantial paper published in ‘Optical Engineering’ in 1982. This threshold model ultimately became internationally known under the codename ORACLE. It is largely these later studies which were able to be utilised in the development of the computer simulation which culminated in the present SHV.

Vision Research Studies (cont.)