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Simulated Human Vision..... Ian Overington

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Later, a multi-function computer vision software was created based on the findings from the earlier studies. This in turn led to a second very substantial textbook (ĎComputer Vision, a unified, biologically-inspired approach,í Elsevier North Holland, 1992). Meanwhile further refinements of the threshold model were continued by some of Ianís colleagues until at least year 2000 (long after Ianís retirement).

In more recent years the computer vision software was packaged in a concise form for use on PCís running relatively modern versions of Windows (e.g. ME, XP & Vista). In the first instance this packaged software was used as the heart of a very sensitive 1-D Optical Extensometer Analyser (originally OEA, later renamed SHV) which is capable of sensing & analysing long video streams captured by a simple WebCam (up to at least several hundred frames) associated with stress / strain relationships in textile yarns & ropes.