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Simulated Human Vision..... Ian Overington

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Realistic human eye inhomogeneity and search. (Cont.)

As of the past 3 or 4 years, at last both the capabilities of computers (even home PC's) and the resolution of readily accessible digital cameras have reach the point where an exploration of the practical possibilities of this extension of the (basically foveal) simulation of human vision as embodied in SHV has become possible. Sadly there has so far been little opportunity to pursue such an extension personally owing to me being long time retired from full time work. However, a small initial study has been carried out and I would be more than willing to help in pursuing the subject if anyone has sufficient interest to support such a project.

As an appetite whetter, I have included here two short animations attempting to represent the gist of what one might expect to be possible based on readily available modern 2400 x 1800 digital images. For purposes of the demonstrations I have assumed that the full vertical field of view of the 2400 x 1800 image is 45 degrees, this being roughly representative of normal angle camera lens coverage. Then, in order to make the file sizes of the processed images adequately small for Website presentation, I have scaled everything down substantially.