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Location: Eastbourne. UK
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It can be readily demonstrated, by displaying the two views of the widget alternately, that human vision can easily perceive the differential stereo depth properties contained in the stereo pair.

Such a viewing facility has been provided to the right. If one concentrates on the image it should be possible to see the effects of the stereo shift as an evident ‘rocking’ motion, this motion being of a very small magnitude in terms of image pixels.


As a simple 3D test object, a widget was viewed at a distance of about one metre by a high resolution camera from two positions laterally displaced to simulate the viewing by a typical pair of human eyes. The basic images had, of course an overall mean displacement due to the lateral shift in viewing position. When the approximate average shift was taken out (see ‘Stereo Fusion’), this resulted in a pair of images which incorporated just the small local relative differences due to the stereo viewing effects.

Stereo analysis (cont.)