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Stereo analysis

When it comes to stereo sensitivity, human vision is well proven to have a remarkable ‘super-resolution’ capability. Stereo acuity (i.e., the ability to discriminate between relative viewing distances for edges of high contrast objects) is equivalent to a lateral displacement of about 0.05 pixels in computer terms. It has been possible to simulate this (astonishing) capability with the aid of SHV.

A secondary (largely overlooked) capability of human stereo (binocular) vision is that of almost instantaneous, automatic fusion of the images from the two eyes when one changes one’s viewing range. Such a fusion requirement is frequently considered to be a very computer intensive process. Again it has been possible, with the aid of SHV, to demonstrate that this process need not be difficult to accomplish.

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A third important capability associated with stereo viewing is that of perception of differential 3D depth in a general scene. In the past few years interest in this aspect of stereo viewing has grown rapidly. A new section to cover this has therefore now been included in this website. Additionally a substantial PDF report has been written covering both the theory and practical aspects of 3D depth perception. This report is also available for viewing / download from this site.