Simulated Human Vision..... Ian Overington

Location: Eastbourne. UK
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It has been shown that low resolutions can yield estimates of local motion or displacement orthogonal to local peaks of first differences of brightness over a very substantial number of pixels of displacement. These are of high accuracy relative to the prevailing resolution, but without the 'clutter' resulting from local high resolution scene structure, the latter having been suppressed by the low resolution. In most situations such estimates will be able to be grouped to provide a good estimate of the whole frame displacement or motion (in both magnitude & direction).

To the right are shown an animation of a pair of images of a complex scene having a displacement of 16 pixels in both X & Y and a red / cyan overlay of the pair. Also shown is a similar animation of the hexagonally sampled first difference maps for the two images at a 8:1 reduction of resolution and a red / cyan overlay of the pair.

Fusion (cont.)