Simulated Human Vision

Ian Overington

Location: Eastbourne. UK ............

In early 1973 a major report was prepared for open publication, but was rejected. The manuscript of this report has been kept all these years (about 45), in the hope that it might still be useful in the future. Then recently it was reported on Wikipedia that a visual capability exists which has been called Hyperacuity of recent years. But it is also stated that how this works is still awaiting discovery.

The term Hyperacuity has never been used in my own open publications from many years ago (primarily because my publications largely
precede the definition of the term). Nevertheless, I believe that our own research on sub-pixel sensing and analysis encompasses the definition of Hyperacuity (and much more). Furthermore, the ground work to our own studies concerning sub-pixel analysis was established in the rejected paper and was developed later in research reported in my two books. I therefore feel that now is the time to resurrect the said paper.

Hence I have recovered the text and digitised it. I have then reconstructed the paper in the form of a PDF, a copy of which is now attached to this Website. I believe the general studies reported therein, together with many of the experimental results, help to illustrate that (at least by inference) the mechanisms behind Hyperacuity were already known over 45 years ago. As such, I can only offer the material for reading and consideration. It can be found under the general title ‘1973 paper.pdf’’..

Important Unpublished Report circa 1973