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Theory and practice of perception of 3D depth (cont.).

As an alternative to all the previous methods of viewing 3D depth, a method has been developed by which stereo pairs of images can be processed such that a single composite 2D image is created which nevertheless contains sub-liminal information permitting 3D perception without any optical or visual aids. This is initially discussed and demonstrated in the report “Naked Eye 3D perception from conventional 2D displays.pdf”, which has led to a much larger & more detailed study of the whole subject of binocular viewing of stereo pairs of images reported in “Recent new studies concerning NE3D and other methods of viewing 3D.pdf”.

The basic process involves taking the point by point differences between the stereo pair of images and very strongly blurring this difference image to try to represent what the low resolution imagery produced by the yellow/blue opponent channel would be sensing. This is then overlaid on the sharp image from (conventionally) the image relating to the left eye view.