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Practical capabilities of individuals to perceive the 3D depth in NE3D images.

Several contacts who have no particularly strong photographic backgrounds were able to perceive quite clearly the rich 3D content of many of my processed stereo pairs without the aid of special facilities. However, when the same NE3D images were shown to a few semi-professional photographers, they claimed that they were unable to see any strong 3D at all! On quizzing one of them it was pointed out to me that most of my 3D creations were missing one of the most essential elements for perception of 3D - this being the relative lack of sharpness of other than the main subject. In conventional 2D photography this is, of course, ideally achieved by suitable choice of camera aperture (i.e. controlling the depth of field). But this bears no real relationship to viewing of the real world, where everything in a normal scene is of equal sharpness, despite what we think we see!

The foregoing made me realise that traditionally, because of the absence of the
true stereo cues in 2D photography, this (very artificial) trick has become a yardstick for creation of a form of perception of 3D. In turn this has caused me to suspect that, in this modern age where lots of people spend much of their time looking at 2D displays of various sorts, there is a danger of becoming unable to perceive genuine 3D (in the real world as well as in 2D TV, photographs etc.)! To me this thought is quite alarming!

Two demonstration movies have therefore been created which endeavour to demonstrate the practical aspects of stereo which seem to have been lost in many people. A third 3D movie has then been created from a group of short stereo videos captured using the Fuji REAL 3D camera. These three movies are discussed on the following three pages with hyperlinks to view them.