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Recent new studies concerning NE3D and other methods of viewing 3D.
by Ian Overington (June 2015)
During the 12 month period from early spring 2014 Ian Overington carried out a major reassessment of his naked eye 3D techniques (NE3D) as reported in previous documents. At the same time he carried out a wide ranging assessment of the various commercially available methods of presenting 3D representations from stereo pairs of original images. This has resulted in a substantial report which attempts to provide methods of direct & fair comparison of all these available methods of presentation including his own NE3D. It is hoped that this report will prove valuable to any other persons attempting to assess & compare any of the display viewing methods available.

During this study Ian has realised that there are many
subtle aspects of display of 3D imagery, all of which may, in some circumstances, affect the final perceptibility of the depth present. Some of these, to his knowledge, have probably not previously been aired in public.

As part of this study Ian has also attempted to include a rather full consideration of exactly how the human visual system manages to generate the depth signals from a stereo pair of images and the theory behind this creation of depth signals, with substantial references to some of his own research as reported previously on this web site.

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