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Theory and practice of perception of 3D depth.

Very closely related to the capability of automatic fusion is the perception of differential 3D depth. This subject has interested visual scientists since at least the mid 19th century. However, in very recent times, largely because of the advent of modern digital recording & electronic displays, interest has grown enormously. This interest has spawned a variety of facilities for visualising computer games in 3D. Then, more recently, an industry has grown up which is committed to creation of high quality 3D films, the transmission of TV programs in 3D and TV sets dedicated to viewing of such 3D material.

By and large this explosion of interest in 3D viewing has centred around viewing whilst wearing one of a variety of glasses in order to separate out the stereo depth data into separate channels to be viewed by the left & right eyes. However, in addition the Fuji camera company has created a personal camera which is capable of capturing twin images and mixing them for display directly to an observer via a lenticular screen, whilst the games company Nintendo have created a 3D gaming based on similar techniques. It is also possible, with readily accessible computer software, to convert the Fuji image data into virtually any of the alternative forms of 3D recording as necessary.

To cover this topic, this new section of the web site has been created and three substantial reports have been prepared covering the current theory & practice, together with a new naked eye viewing technique which the author has been able to develop based on his vision research background.