Simulated Human Vision (SHV) could be your answer

Direct single pixel vector edge definition to 0.1 pixels and less than 1 degree compared to conventional nearest whole pixel

Automatically includes measures of local edge contrast & relative sharpness.

Additional inclusion of direct single pixel vector measures of local stereo disparity or optical flow (normal component) for pairs of images.

Edge-based region segmentation automatically carried out during all processes.

Simple supplementary processing provided to derive local edge curvature; also true flow for rigid bodies plus global disparity (for fusion) for stereo or optical flow pairs of images.

Free limited version of software available for download as 'SHV_taster'.

PDF report discussing comparisons of capabilities of SHV with those of conventional image processing techniques.

Substantial demonstrations of the visual concepts behind the SHV software, plus electronic copies of two books covering over 40 years experience behind the concepts and reports on several recent practical applications.