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Simulated Human Vision..... Ian Overington

Location: Eastbourne. UK ............


In order to allow interested persons an opportunity to try out some of the main properties and capabilities of SHV without an obligation to purchase any software, a limited version of the software has been made available under the name ‘SHV_taster’ as Shareware.

This version of the software is fully functional within the limitations of a number of restrictions of image handling size and versatility, but has to be driven manually from various command files rather than a more user-friendly Windows interface as provided for the full version of SHV. In addition to the main programs, three additional support programs are provided to enable users to experiment with generation of simple maps of local curvature of edges, local & global optical flow and local & global stereo disparity.

The ‘taster’ version is provided with a comprehensive Help file covering its own limited operation. The said Help file also provides some indications of the fuller capabilities of the
complete software package. The latter can be made available for purchase by contacting Ian Overington by e-mail.

To download a copy of a Setup installation package for SHV_taster, please click here.

N.B. Download the Setup package to any convenient folder and open ‘’. Please then read the two Readme files (Readme[SHV_taster].txt & Readme[install].txt) before proceeding. Thereafter, open the ‘Setup.exe’ file and follow screen instructions in the automatic installation process.

‘Taster’ version of SHV.