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However, what is seen to be an additional subtlety, as compared with conventional Laplacian operations, is that it seems that local difference outputs are initially derived for each & every connection between addressed pixel and a single surround pixel, rather than the conventional summing of the weighted surround contributions before subtraction from a weighted addressed pixel contribution. This leads to a subtle difference in the potential outputs as compared with the conventional Laplacian-like operation (see later & Figure 3.13 of 'Computer Vision ...').

What is believed to be a further important & unusual aspect of the most local Laplacian-like interactions is that, rather than R cones interacting with a surrounding group of G cones and vice versa in order to provide chromatic differencing, both individual R cones and individual G cones each interact with a surrounding mixed group of R & G cones! These interactions provide the basis for an interesting form of colour opponency along a red - yellow - green axis in later stages of visual perception (see Chapter 14.2 of 'Computer Vision ...').

Spatial Interaction at the Retina. (cont.)