Simulated Human Vision..... Ian Overington

Location: Eastbourne. UK
ianoverington@simulatedvision.co.uk ............ www.simulatedvision.co.uk

Before retirement in 1990 he published many scientific papers (about 35), covering a wide range of topics which included Photographic Photometry, optical image evaluation, atmospheric optics, visual threshold performance modelling, the display / observer interface and various aspects of computer vision. However, these represented only a small fraction of his technical report output. More thorough and detailed treatments of many of the topics are contained in a large number (about 70) of British Aerospace Reports (mostly cited in the various open publications). It may still be possible to obtain some of those by application to British Aerospace PLC, PO Box 5, Filton House, Bristol BS12 7QW.

He also published a general reference book 'Vision and Acquisition' in 1976, drawing together many aspects of his & many other people's work in the general field of visual function and performance. This book also collected a vast quantity of references to other literature covering a very wide range of topics related to the overall subject of vision and its interaction with the world around.

In the period immediately running up to his retirement he carried out the basic preparation of a second book 'Computer Vision: a unified, biologically-inspired approach' which aimed to draw together under one cover the important aspects of what had by then become a wide-ranging computer simulation of most aspects of early human vision. These latter had themselves by then been demonstrated to provide a very versatile & high resolution image processing facility. The book was completed after retirement and was published in 1992.