Simulated Human Vision

Ian Overington

Location: Eastbourne. UK ............


A web site devoted to the general structure of human vision, the interaction of vision with the world around and computer simulation of many of its highly interlinked, often remarkable properties as a powerful, unified image processor.

Parts of the site should be of interest & value to both new comers to the field of human vision, specialists in applications of vision and a wide range of persons interested in high performance image processing & evaluation.

Historical Background

A summary of studies and publications covering around 50 years leading to the current position presented on this site. Also important unpublished 1973 paper.


Biographical details of Ian Overington’s career.

Some Human Visual Capabilities

Summary of a number of striking capabilities associated with human vision and simple demonstrations of possibilities of unique image processing based on them.


Summary of the contents & capabilities of the unified computer simulation of human vision (SHV).

Hierarchical Breakdown

A step by step breakdown of the various serial & parallel processes in early human vision, with pictorial demonstrations as generated by SHV.

Publication Summaries

Chapter by chapter summaries of two substantial reference books published by Ian Overington and summaries of several important, mainly recent individual papers.


Facility for download of full PDF versions of several papers and PDFs covering individual chapters etc. of Ian Overington’s two books.
Also free taster for SHV.

Vision Research

A summary of early research into multi- parametric visual threshold behaviour during the 1960’s & 1970’s


A bibliography of open publications by Ian Overington other than books prior to retirement in 1990.

3D Perception

Summary of and discussion relating to 3D perception of relative depth.
An introduction to naked eye 3D (NE3D).